Traditional Video Wasn’t Made For Todays’ World
“The Old Way of Video Marketing Is Dead”

Audience Retention is an important aspect of a video… If you can’t capture your viewer’s attention within 5 to 10 seconds the likelihood of them taking action is zero.

“Your customers/viewers are busy, fickle, and will bail on you if it feels slow, uninteresting, or passive”

These Types Of Videos Result To;

Low audience retention

Lack of human connection

Low conversions and sales

Lack of consistency

Low engagement

Low click-through and higher dropoff rate

The Future Is
Interactive Videos

That Guarantees More Sales, Engagement, and Retention

This sounds like a cry from the succession of a new monarch but traditional video as we know it is in decline, possibly dying, and the new ‘king‘ is interactive video/audio content… Period!

The attention span of viewers is becoming shorter, whilst remaining hungry for new ways to absorb information in a better way.

There is a growing need for Interactive and engaging videos, if you still want to be ahead of your competitors this 2024 and beyond, then you have to make the switch today!…

“Using Interactive Video In Your Business
Puts You In The Middle Of The Action
And Enables You To Drive The Experience”

Increase audience retention and engagement

Allow viewers to control “what to do next”

Increase in sales and conversions

Permits user-driven decision-making and a sense of user control

Reduces user drop-off when compared to regular “flat” videos

Higher click-through and completion rates

An AI-powered interactive video and audio hosting platform that makes navigating, deep tagging, searching, transcribing, and translating your marketing video/ audio content super easy





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