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Who We Serve

Content Creators

VidTags is not just a platform; it's a multifaceted tool designed to transform VSLs, training guides, workshops, webinars, and video marketing into interactive experiences.

By offering advanced video hosting and protection, VidTags ensures creators can securely share their work while maintaining control over their content.

The platform's deep tagging and indexing features amplify content discoverability, making it easier for audiences to engage with VSLs, courses, and podcasts. This enhanced interaction not only boosts audience retention but also aids in the broader distribution of video marketing materials and podcasts, fostering a deeper connection with viewers.

Education/ Institutions

VidTags revolutionizes distance learning, classroom lectures, webcasts, and all educational video and interactive learning assets. By making Zoom recordings, webinars, and other educational videos searchable and more interactive, VidTags supports a more efficient and effective learning environment.

Students can leverage the platform to pinpoint specific information within lectures or training sessions, facilitating a better study experience.

Educators can utilize VidTags to create a rich, accessible library of educational content, enhancing the delivery of online courses and distance learning programs.

This not only supports diverse learning preferences but also ensures that educational institutions can offer a more inclusive and engaging learning experience.


Enterprises find in VidTags an indispensable ally for managing HR, sales, investor relations, marketing webinars, and branding interactive assets.

The platform's capabilities extend to hosting secure, indexed video content that can be easily navigated, making it perfect for training modules, sales presentations, and HR orientations.

VidTags facilitates the creation of an interactive video content library that employees across different departments can access, enhancing knowledge sharing and collaboration. For sales and marketing teams, VidTags helps in crafting interactive video sales letters and webinars that capture and retain audience attention, driving engagement and conversion rates.


VidTags offers a comprehensive solution for Federal, State, and Local government agencies looking to improve public communication, documentation, and accessibility. The platform's support for ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance across all government categories ensures that video and audio content is accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities.

Government agencies can utilize VidTags for making public briefings, educational content, and documentation fully searchable and accessible, promoting transparency and public engagement. Additionally, the platform's indexing and tagging capabilities aid in organizing vast amounts of video content, simplifying the management and retrieval of information for government operations.


Improve viewer engagement by speaking their language with VidTags

If your viewer’s browser can translate your website content for them why not use VidTags interactive auto language detector to serve your audience with your videos in their default language? 

Say goodbye to language barriers and hello to a wider audience with VidTags.


You wouldn’t write a book without a table of content – Why publish your videos without VidTags?

Like a book needs a table of contents, your marketing/ guides/ lecturers videos need VidTags. Use VidTags to host and automatically create a searchable, interactive video where viewers can easily navigate and find the specific content that interests them by using tags and clickable chapters.

The deep searching capabilities of VidTags allow users to search for specific keywords, phrases, or even spoken words within videos.

Transcribe your video and audio with 99% accuracy using VidTags AI

Our AI-trained large and diverse dataset improves robustness to accents, background noise, filler words, pauses, and technical language. Our system not only transcribes in multiple (57) languages but also translates them.


Video Security

 → Secure & protect your videos

When there’s confidential information to share, you’ll want to protect it from unauthorized access. A password-protected video can do just that and prevent the content from being streamed by those that don’t have direct access.

You can geo-restrict your video so that only people from certain countries can access it.

You can create a dynamic password per viewer and also restrict the websites that your video content can be embedded.


Screen Recording

 → Record & auto transcribe

VidTags is a powerful tool that allows you to record, transcribe, and translate your videos with ease. With its all-in-one program that runs in your browser, you can start recording videos right away without the need to download and edit software.

Sharing your recorded videos online is made simple with VidTags, you can share & embed them easily via link without anyone having to download them. The program also covers your entire video creation workflow, allowing you to cut, trim, style, and edit videos immediately after recording.


Video Editing

 → Easy as editing a word document

VidTags’ text-based editing approach allows you to easily cut out the right snippets of your video by just editing the text, so you don’t have to record over and over again. One quick edit and you’re DONE

Quickly Fix Translations And Transcriptions

If there are some words that are not transcribed or translated correctly or you want to change some words on your existing video, just locate the words or sentences, edit them on the fly, and recreate the video.

What used to take hours of editing now takes MINUTES and a few keystrokes with VidTags.


Text 2 Speech

 → Unmatched human like voices

Unique Voice Vault

190+ voice collections in 35 different languages to select from, uniquely tailored to meet your content creation needs.

Mind-blowing voices with a touch of human emotions in every voice-over created with VidTags


Video Pages

 → Create video sales pages

Create video pages in form of video galleries and video sales pages with VidTags in 3 easy steps


> Title your page, give it a description, enter your choice subname, upload logo, enable password protection, and restrict who can embed your page.

> Add your VidTags videos to your created video galleries with a single click.

> Share your VidTags video page or easily embed it on your website.



Make your website more interactive with VidTags embed

After giving super wings to your videos, copy the embed code and paste it on your website. VidTags also supports custom CNAME branding of your video links and landing page.

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An AI-powered interactive video and audio hosting platform that makes navigating, deep tagging, searching, transcribing, and translating your marketing video/ audio content super easy





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