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Record & Auto-Transcribe

Browser-Based: Start recording directly in your browser without downloads or software installation.
Recording & Transcription: Effortlessly record videos and receive automatic transcriptions.
Easy Sharing: Share and embed videos via link without downloads.
Full Editing Suite: Cut, trim, style, and edit videos immediately post-recording.
Multilingual Support: Translate your videos with ease.

Video Editing

Text-Based Editing: Cut video clips by editing text, eliminating the need for repeated recordings.
Instant Corrections: Quickly fix errors in transcriptions and translations by editing the text directly.
Efficiency: What once took hours now takes minutes with a few keystrokes.
Streamlined Process: Make edits on the fly and immediately recreate the video.

Text to Speech

Extensive Voice Collection: Choose from over 190 voice options across 35 languages, tailored for diverse content needs.
Human Emotion: Experience mind-blowing voice-overs that include a touch of human emotions, enhancing listener engagement.

Video Pages

Setup Your Page: Title your page, add a description, choose a subname, upload a logo, enable password protection, and control embedding permissions.
Populate with Videos: Add videos to your galleries with a single click using VidTags.
Share or Embed: Easily share your VidTags video page or embed it on your website.

Video Security

Password Protection: Secure your videos to prevent unauthorized access.
Geo-Restriction: Limit access to viewers in specific countries.
Unique Passwords: Assign a dynamic password for each viewer.
Embedding Restrictions: Control which websites can host your video content.

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Searchable Table of Contents

Just as a book requires a table of contents for easy navigation, your videos need VidTags. Whether it’s for marketing, tutorials, or lectures, transform your videos into dynamic, searchable resources. VidTags not only hosts your content but also automates the creation of an interactive video experience. Viewers can effortlessly navigate through tags and clickable chapters, directly finding the content that matters most to them.
With VidTags, deep search capabilities extend to keywords, phrases, and even spoken words within videos, ensuring that no detail is out of reach.

Elevate Your Videos

Accurate Transcription

Achieve near-perfect transcription accuracy using VidTags AI, designed to handle videos and audio with 99% precision. Our robust system is trained on a large and diverse dataset, enhancing its ability to interpret various accents, filter out background noise, and recognize technical terminology.
Moreover, VidTags doesn’t just transcribe in 57 languages—it translates them too, ensuring your content is accessible and comprehensible to a global audience.

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