Achieve human level accuracy & robustness

99% Accuracy, reliable & lightning-fast. VidTags delivers flawless transcriptions for your content.

VidTags is not just another transcription solution; it is the epitome of accuracy and reliability.

Our state-of-the-art technology ensures zero-shot performance across diverse datasets, surpassing the competition by making a staggering 50% fewer errors. Bid farewell to inaccuracies and embrace flawlessness with VidTags!

What makes VIDTAGS stand head and shoulders above the rest?

VidTags in-browser editor makes transcribing a breeze. You can quickly edit, search, organize, export, and share your transcripts from anywhere on any device. It’s like having a personal transcriptionist right at your fingertips.

Maintain the utmost professionalism in your transcripts with VidTags’ Profanity Filter. It deftly converts inappropriate text into suitable alternatives or eliminates it altogether

Unleash the power of advanced search functionality. Our cutting-edge acoustic pattern matching technology goes beyond mere text matching, yielding superior results on words and phrases

Elevate the readability of your transcriptions by effortlessly dividing audio into paragraphs. VidTags organizes your content seamlessly, ensuring a smooth flow and easy comprehension

Experience lightning-fast transcription for your podcasts, be it speeches, classes, workshops, or interviews. VidTags streamlines your workflow, enabling you to deliver top-notch content to your eager audience with ease

Transform your videos, and audio, including lectures, workshops, courses, training sessions, video sales letters (VSL), and podcasts, into captivating transcriptions. Ensure your message is accessible to all, captivating viewers with text that resonates

Foster inclusivity and engagement by generating closed captions for your videos. VidTags enables you to reach a wider audience while complying with accessibility standards effortlessly

Say goodbye to tedious manual edits. VidTags’ user-friendly Find and Replace feature empowers you to effortlessly correct terms or phrases in your transcript, saving you valuable time and effort

VidTags utilizes natural pauses in speech to create a transcript that mirrors human-like speaking patterns. Your transcriptions will exude authenticity and resonate with your audience

Watch in awe as VidTags meticulously adds punctuation and capitalization to your transcriptions, transforming them into refined and polished text that captivates your audience

Transcribe in 67+ Languages and Dialects

We understand the power of language in connecting with your customers. VidTags offers coverage for over 67 language varieties and use-case modules, ensuring your message resonates across diverse audiences. We are constantly expanding our linguistic repertoire to better serve you.

Although the VidTags AI engine model was trained on 98 languages, only the languages listed above have a word error rate (WER) that is less than 50%, which is above the industry-standard benchmark for speech-to-text model accuracy. VidTags AI can provide results for languages not listed, but the quality may need slight human assistance. If your desired language is not listed, you can still give VidTags a try.

Use VidTags AI to reduce time spent on manual tasks

An AI-powered interactive video and audio hosting platform that makes navigating, deep tagging, searching, transcribing, and translating your marketing video/ audio content super easy





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